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Innovista believe that good leaders, with a passion for local mission and a correct understanding of their context, can help bring hope to those around them in Ukraine. Yet the country is in the midst of a leadership crisis. The lack of effective leadership in politics brings with it many problems and corruption. And in the church there appears to be a lack of adequate leadership with integrity, which is causing a decrease in the number of people attending churches.

Despite many new mission organisations being formed after the collapse of the USSR and with the advent of religious freedom, Ukrainian young people are still often denied credible opportunities to discover Christ.

Innovista was established in Ukraine in 2005 with the purpose to train young leaders to lead mission and be effective in evangelism, so that those around them could discover that life is best with God. With so few positive examples of leadership, the next generation of leaders in the country are having to be the role models, leading not from a desire to lead, but a desire to see those around them embrace the hope that they hold.

"In the West there seems to be loads of evangelistic resources but little enthusiasm," says Anatoliy Sapsay, Director of Innovista Eurasia. In Ukraine, young leaders are showing a real enthusiasm to see those around them discover Christ, and we are training them to lead mission well, and providing them with resources such as Glad You Asked and Zerro that make sense in their context.

To enable young leaders to lead effectively and with integrity, Innovista run Tempo groups in Lviv and Kiev, equipping young leaders to lead successful and contextual mission. Innovista staff also travel to Belarus and other parts of Eastern Europe to help young leaders there be more effective in their mission.

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