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Zerro is an evangelistic retreat weekend using audio-visual resources produced both by and for Russian speakers. Produced by Innovista staff in Ukraine, the Zerro resource pack is equipping young leaders of churches and ministries across Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia to host evangelistic retreat weekends for un-churched young people in their communities. Zerro enables participants to share their experiences, articulate questions and hear about Jesus.

Zerro is used by young leaders in Russian-speaking countries who face a challenging environment to live for Jesus and make him known in their generation. Faced with a rapidly changing youth culture – influenced by its post-communist context, the impact of globalisation, and the influx of western influences – the church in Russian-speaking contexts often struggle to communicate the gospel to young people in a way that they can understand.

"For us it’s a very fresh and new approach to the evangelism process. Most valuable in this material is its creativity-based approach - personal experiences and our stories, rather than mere information. I would like to help prepare young Christians at my church to invite seekers and new Christians to Zerro weekends." -Igor, a young leader in Eurasia

Through Zerro, Innovista seeks to help the church to reach the emerging generation in its local context. Since establishing in Kiev in 2003, we noticed that young people there were becoming active in sharing the gospel with their friends. We’d also seen that it can take a lot of time for young people to move from one step to another on their journey towards Christ. So we started asking ourselves what we might do to help facilitate that process.

We knew that among young people, media resources provide an important opportunity for the imaginative communication of the Biblical gospel.

Armed with this knowledge and building on our extensive experience of working closely with young people, Innovista pioneered Zerro in 2006. After a testing phase, the material was then made available to young leaders who use it to demonstrate the hope of Jesus to those around them. Retreat leaders on the weekend provide guidance, space and creative input to help facilitate life reflection and spiritual discussion amongst the group.

Courageous Maria Fights her fears innovista zerro

Courageous Maria Fights her Fears

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Innovista Georgian Students discuss God on Zerro retreat

Georgian Students discuss God on Zerro retreat

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