Innovista using your strengths in evangelism

Using Your Strengths in Evangelism

What do you feel most comfortable doing in sharing your faith with your friends? 

James is very quiet and unassuming, and prefers life with as little confrontation as possible. He has shared with me before now that he wishes he could relate to others with as much ease as many around him seem to.

Ever since I first met him he has displayed a remarkable ability to do something that has often filled me with fear: he regularly invites his friends, colleagues, and family to church.

It is the ease with which he does this that blows me away. He would definitely not be the first person to share his faith in a crowded bar, but he is always the first person to invite his neighbour to a church service.  He regularly rocks up at church with a friend who, when asked why they had come, simply says that James invited them.

James always seeks to share his faith, and he is most confident doing that through sharing his experience of church with them. Most recently, James’ cousin (who is not yet a Christian) attended church with him and was blown away by the experience of seeing people in deep friendships. The result is that he desires to know more about Jesus, and part of his search now involves him attending a small group evangelism course.

When we understand that we all work differently, the church is able to work together as one body. Working as one body means that we can bring Christians and non-Christians together without necessarily having others organise big evangelistic events for us.

Across Europe Christians are using their strengths alongside other Christians, in order that people who are not yet Christians have the opportunity to experience Jesus.

Pockets of friends meet to discuss spirituality in groups, friends organise music nights to bring believers and unbelievers into community with one another, churches are utilising their congregation’s gifts to organise seminars for the surrounding community on raising children and handling money wisely.

Through working together in building relationships and within that context working on such initiatives, we see people who are not yet Christians search, experience community, and often ultimately find life in Christ. 

It is not up to others to be creating these opportunities, it is our responsibility to   use our strengths, and, working with other believers who use their strengths, to share Jesus with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

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