Innovista staff Sarah Anthony

Sarah Anthony

Sarah Anthony is Thrive Director for Innovista. She’s from the South West, but moved to Oxfordshire with her husband John in 2013, after spending a few years “living in community with the most amazing people in London.”

Sarah says: “I came across God in my teenage years and after finding out about Him, decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life getting to know Him and being a part of His plans to make the world a more loving place. For me that’s meant helping people to release themselves from poverty, both overseas and in the UK, so that they can reach their fullest God-given potential and change the world from where they are!”

Favourite Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi). I know this is the most overused quote ever, but it resonates so much with me – we are the only things within our control that we can change. If you want the world to change, start with yourself and you’ll truly be amazed at the results.

Hobbies: Obstacle runs, hiking, cycling (everything outdoors, really), reading, music and consuming vast quantities of chocolate. My husband and I are currently trying to learn Jive, but I’m not sure that we’re yet at the stage where I can claim to be ‘dancing’…

What I Do: I oversee the expansion of the Thrive programme. By the end of 2016 we’re hoping to have five Thrive teams established in disadvantaged areas within an hour of Oxford. It’s my job to make that happen!

Why I Do It: Every person, no matter where they were born, deserves the chance to live their life to the full and reach their greatest potential. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against some young people. I’ve seen what happens when people really commit to giving young people that chance ¬– to the point where they’re prepared to move in to their neighbourhood to offer the best support they can.  I can’t think of a better job than helping make that happen for more young people in this area!


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