Innovista Staff Jarle Skullerud

Jarle Skullerud

Jarle Skullerud is an Associated Staff Member for Innovista in Norway. He grew up in a Christian home in Gjøvik, 120 km north of Oslo. He has been leading change-processes on different levels for the last ten years with the Norwegian Lutheran Mission, Willow Creek Norway, NKSS (IFES in Norway) and the Norwegian Lutheran Free Church Youth department.

Jarle says, "I went to Sunday School, Christian camps and other Christian activities as often as I could. When I was 12 years old, I decided that I wanted to follow my parents' God as my own Lord and Savior. In 1987 God called me to serve and lead as a full time worker in his Kingdom. My leadership has grown through experience, reading, lessons and following other leaders."

Jarle serves as a local pastor in The Lutheran Free Church, the Chairman of the Board for IFES Norway (NKSS) and was the Director of FriBU (The Youth Organization of the Norwegian Lutheran Free Church) for six years until 2010.

Favourite Quote: "It's not our abilities that make us who we are, Harry — it's our choices." Dumbledore in Harry Potter

Hobbies: Coffee, cooking, photography

What I Do: Coach young leaders

Why I Do It: I want to help young leaders develop and grow as healthy leaders for God's Kingdom on earth.

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