Innovista Staff Anatoliy Sapsay

Anatoliy Sapsay

Anatoliy Sapsay is leads Innovista in Ukraine. He grew up in Sambir, a small town in Western Ukraine. During university, Anatoliy was heavily involved in student ministry, leading groups, camps and conferences.

Anatoliy says, "My parents were not a Christians, but my Grandmother was a Christian. She was praying for us and from time to time she was inviting us to the church. Finally, after a while all of us were regularly visiting small church in our town. One day I came to the understanding that I needed the Lord Jesus to change my life. I asked him to forgive me and to lead me. Since then, my life belongs to Jesus."

After university Anatoliy worked to develop student ministry in other parts of Ukraine. Since 2009 he has been working for Innovista helping young Christians in Ukraine and other parts of Europe, training young leaders to develop mission that will change people and communities with the gospel. He lives in Lviv with his wife Lesya and their three children.

Favourite Quote: "It is impossible" said the Reason. "It is reckless" noticed the Experience. "It is useless" snapped out the Pride. "Try..." whispered the Dream.

Hobbies: Travelling, watching movies, piloting planes

What I Do: I'm helping people to realise the truthfulness of Christianity.

Why I Do It: Because it is worth devoting your life to.

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Ukraine is suffering from a leadership crisis: In politics, economics and in the church. Innovista are equipping young leaders to bring hope in this context.