Innovista What We Do

What We Do

We want to see more people across Europe, Russia and Central Asia become followers of Jesus. And we believe that young leaders are strategically placed to pioneer sustainable mission initiatives that will enable this to happen.

So we coach, mentor and develop young leaders with a lifetime of service ahead of them, helping them to release their passion, creativity and energy for local mission. Offering practical, in depth training experiences, we equip young leaders to lead local mission better in the unique contexts that they best understand, so that those who don't know Jesus are given credible opportunities to embrace his love.

We offer mission-focussed training and coaching that stands out as providing high quality investment in young leaders who are best placed to reach their generation, adding knowledge to their zeal.

Our Glad You Asked and Zerro resources are used by young leaders to introduce young people to Jesus in ways that make sense to them, in their context, at their stage of life. Read how a Zerro weekend changed one young girl's life.

We are always looking to equip Christ-followers to share their faith with effective tools and resources and we train others to do this so that more people across Europe, Russia and Central Asia can discover Jesus.

So that young people in a changing culture are introduced to Jesus in way that are relevant and meaningful to them, we provide young leaders of mission with inspiration, training and innovative resources to communicate Christ in ways that make sense.

We work with a wide range of churches and ministries, all of whom share a passion for Christ and for young people across Europe, Russia and Central Asia who don't yet know that life is best with God.

Are you a young leader wanting to be more effective as you lead mission? Then you'll want to check out our Get Equipped page.

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Where We Work

Discover the different parts of Europe, Russia and Central Asia where young leaders are receiving high quality training to lead mission better

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Get Equipped

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